Rabbits are adorable and delightful pets. Many people could not bear the thought of scaring a cute and cuddly bunny.


Keeping your rabbit happy by providing the proper care and attention is possible. You can even see if your rabbit is happy by watching its behavior and activities.

Your rabbit will be relaxed and healthy when it is happy. An unhealthy rabbit will never be happy. Similarly, the rabbit will not be happy if constantly stressed or spooked.

It is essential to create a stress-free and healthy environment for your rabbit. Here are the 5 signs to know that your rabbit is happy.

By nature, rabbits are prey animals. It means that they can become stressed and spooked relatively easily. 

1. Rabbit is relaxed

Even around people, they are familiar. It is super easy for rabbits to become scared. If your rabbit acts relaxed, he is happy.

A curious rabbit is one that is healthy, and truly happy. Additionally, they should feel relaxed enough that they can look around without worrying about what others are doing. 

2. Curious

It is also a sign of happiness because an unhappy rabbit will never look around. So, its clear that happy rabbits are curious.

Healthy rabbits are energetic, wander around their home, and play with their friends. 

3. Calm but Active Enough

Active rabbits are healthy and happy. An unhappy and unhealthy rabbit exhibits lethargy and sleepiness.

4. Good Appetite

Having a good appetite ensures the rabbit's happiness. A happy and healthy rabbit will love to eat different types of food.

If your rabbit is not taking food that means either it is not happy, or there is something wrong. In that case you need to consult with vet immediately.

Last but not least, your rabbit's sounds are a sign that it is happy. Rabbits make a variety of sounds, from purrs to growls.

5. Sounds Happy

It is possible to tell whether your rabbit is happy by knowing what it sounds like. All of these sounds are happy sounds such as purring, clucking, and sighing.