There is no doubt that lovebirds are one of the most popular pets in the world. Here are the 7 facts you should know about the lovebirds.


1. There Are Nine Types of Lovebirds.

Among the nine species in the genus, the grey-headed lovebird is native to the African island of Madagascar.

But, only three lovebird species would make good pets due to their adorable temperaments, peach-faced lovebirds, Fischer's lovebirds, and black-masked lovebirds.

2. Lovebirds Are Good For Beginners

A lovebird is an ideal bird to keep for a beginner. They are affectionate, friendly, and intelligent, making them perfect pet birds.

3. Lovebirds Feel For Each Other

A mate separated from the group will show strange behavior similar to depression.

Lovebirds are usually unable to handle being alone, so they exhibit similar behaviors in cages. Lovebirds like to live together.

4. Lovebirds Live in Holes

Lovebirds make their homes in holes in trees and rocks. In some species, nests are built-in groups, while in others, nests are built separately from the group.

5. Lovebirds Like to Stay Active.

In the early morning hours, lovebirds wake up to eat, drink and begin a noisy concerto. It is common for them to settle down by midmorning.

And resume making noise by late afternoon. These active birds should be allowed to explore their environment at least once a day. 

6. Potty Training Can Sometimes Be Achieved With Lovebirds

It is possible, in some cases, to train lovebirds to relieve themselves on command since they are intelligent and motivated by affection.

7. There Are Some Lovebirds Who Are Androgynous

Three species of lovebirds have distinct characteristics that allow them to be distinguished.

Among all the Black-winged lovebirds females have completely green plumage, while males have a crown of red feathers.