7 Most Popular Fruits for Guinea Pigs.


Here you get the complete information regarding the seven most popular fruits for Guinea Pigs.

Guinea pigs are herbivores, and they eat vegetables, fruits, seeds, hay, etc. Guinea pigs consume hay for a large part of their diet, but hay is not high in vitamins and minerals. 

Guinea pigs need at least 15 mg of vitamin C every day.  Here are the 7 most popular fruits for Guinea pigs.

Cantaloupes contain a high source of vitamin C. You may consider adding this fruit to your Guinea pig's health diet. 


Just make sure you keep it fresh and provide only small portions. A small piece of cantaloupe will be enough for your little piggie.

Watermelon is okay for Guinea pigs to consume, but it shouldn't be a major part of their diet. You may offer them a small amount of watermelon once a week.


It's fine to give them either flesh or peel, but make sure all seeds are removed before serving. You should check whether they like the taste or not.

Strawberries are a delicious ground fruit packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. Guinea pigs cannot produce Vitamin C, so they must obtain it through their diets. 


Using antioxidants in your pig's diet can reduce inflammation and balance free radicals.  Give them a small piece of strawberry once or twice a week.

Blueberries contain vitamins and antioxidants, making them suitable fruits for guinea pigs. On the other hand, blueberries are acidic and contain a lot of sugar. 


You should only feed them small amounts of blueberries occasionally. Feed your Guinea pigs a small amount and gradually increase their food intake.

The fiber that apple peel contains will help your guinea pig digest its food. Additionally, apple leaves contain calcium, an essential mineral for guinea pigs. 


The vitamins and minerals in fruit ensure your guinea pig lives a healthy life. You have to keep in mind, provide the proper amount.

Your guinea pigs will benefit from bananas because they are rich in fiber and vitamins. It also contains high sugar, so make sure to provide them with just enough bananas.


A small piece of kiwi can provide your Guinea pig with a high source of vitamin C. Due to its high sugar content, it should be fed in low amounts like any other fruit. 


Additionally, it is rich in potassium, which may help in fiber and bladder stones, promoting digestion. Ensure the skin is removed before serving the shredded fruit to your cute little Guinea pig.