A Box Full Of 28 Guinea Pigs Was Found Beside A Dumpster On The Road.


An unknown person found a box full of 28 Guinea Pigs beside a road. He later informed to the Dakin Humane Society.

On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, the Dakin Humane Society brought 28 guinea pigs. An unidentified person was reported to have found a box of 28 guinea pigs, including both older and younger babies.

The person found the box beside a dumpster on the road. Moreover, Dakin reported that many female guinea pigs are pregnant and trying hard to provide the best treatment.

Dakins stated that Ringworm fungus was found in over 20 guinea pigs that arrived Tuesday. According to Dakin, treating guinea pigs with fungus will cost around $250 without staff time.

These 28 guinea pigs are currently under the care of the Humane Society and are looking for foster caregivers.

According to the release, Dakin predicts that the time commitment to care for guinea pigs will be about two to three months.

The guinea pigs will need to be fed orally twice a day, and their fur will need to be bathed two times a week. 

The release stated that Dakin Society would offer housing, food, and medications for guinea pigs and other animals.

The development specialist at Dakin stated that if people want to help these guinea pigs, they way adopt them free of cost.

Humane society ensured that they won't charge anything for the guinea adoption until further notice.