Do horses eat tomatoes?

Horses eat most of the things that human regularly consumes. But do horses eat tomatoes?

Horses are those animals that eat anything from fruits to sandwiches. It is also ok to treat your horse from your kitchen.

But before feeding them you must know which feed is suitable for them or not. If we talk about tomatoes, it's a healthy fruit.

It is an excellent food for human beings and it can available in every household. But, is it also safe for your horse too?

Well! The answer is no because the chemicals that are available in the tomato are not suitable for the horses.

Humans, as well as other animals like cows, dogs, cats, fish, and birds, can vomit. So, if they consume any toxic accidentally, there is a chance to release it by vomiting.

In the case of horses, they can't vomit. So, if they consume any toxic food, it will be very difficult for them to release.

Some expert says that one or two tomatoes can't affect your horse. But, we recommend you avoid feeding them tomatoes, or you may take suggestions from the vet.

But, what to do if your horse consumes tomatoes accidently? If your horse consumed tomatoes accidentally, there are few signs of poisoning you should know about.

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