Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures of nature. They are the most exciting animals on the earth.

They learn quirky chants and behaviors from their parents. A bird may communicate using sound or visual cues, or a combination of both, depending on how they feel.

Behaviors like these help species survive in different habitats throughout the world. It's a complex language that humans cannot easily understand.

Here are few common sounds that birds usually make:

What Are Some of the Most Common Sounds That Birds Make?

Coo - Birds use this call when they are relaxed. Chick-a-dee call – This is when an American Robin waves its tail side-to-side while singing. 

Chip-chip call – The White-breasted Nuthatch makes this sound when searching for food in trees or while climbing down from them.

Urgent Call - They make these sounds when they feel unsafe. The female birds usually make these sounds to protect their babies and nest.

Purring – This sound is made by the American Robin when it is scared by a predator and then flies to protect itself.

Screech – Some birds use high-pitched sounds to indicate danger.

Peep - Baby birds usually use this sound call to get attention from their parents or elders. Whooping – Some birds use this sound when they feel threatened.

What Are the Different Types of Bird Communication?

Birds used to communicate with each other in different ways, such as Auditory, Visual, Both audio and visual, body language, and bottom line.