How do I make my guinea pig not scared of me?

The best way to make sure your guinea pig doesn't' get scared of you is to give them plenty of space.

Guinea pigs are shy animals who will react most positively if they have their territory. It's' important for them to feel safe.

So don't' try and pick them up or feed them... if your pet is hungry, they will come and eat in their own time. You can also try giving him a new hiding place that he won't have seen before.

Another way to create a bond between you and your guinea pig is to follow them around with a camera or video recorder.

They're' naturally curious animals, so they'll come and sniff the camera before they realize it's' nothing harmful.

They'll also feel more comfortable if they have something familiar to get used to in the room, so try bringing the same blanket or toy into their cage every time you visit.

When you eventually pick up your guinea pig for some extra cuddles, make sure you hold them correctly – never squeeze your pet because this can cause them stress and anxiety.

Hold your guinea pig close to your body – this way, and he won't struggle as much when you pick him up.

Guinea pigs are relatively low-maintenance and have lots of fun. However, you must put forth some effort to improve your relationship with any animal.

A good relationship with your guinea pig is crucial, whether it is a new member of the household or one you haven't yet bonded with. 

Trust is one of the most important elements in the relationship between a pet and a human being. You can take a number of steps to gain your guinea pig's trust.

You may also short out the issue by following these three parts; Bonding With Your Guinea Pig, Caring for Your Guinea Pig, and Appreciating Your Pet.

Caring for Your Guinea Pig: you will have to follow a few steps such as Be aware the best food for a guinea pig is grass or good quality hay, 

Create a pleasant and safe space, Maintain his health, and keep her clean. If you clean, tauch, or care for them, they will come slowly-slowly towards you.

Appreciating Your Pet: you have to follow: Let your kids help with the guinea pig, Value his company, and Enjoy health benefits.

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