Feather plucking is sometimes normal, and occasionally it is concerning. Everything you will know about its prevention.

What is Feather Plucking in Birds?

Feather plucking is a common symptom in birds of prey that can have different causes.

When feather plucking begins, the bird's feathers will first appear to be wet or oily before becoming dry and difficult to raise from the surface of their body.

The bird will appear to be in good health but will have lost some feathers in a limited area. This condition can affect the entire body if not treated.

Preventing and Treating Unhealthy Feather Plucking

Here are a few steps which can prevent your birds from unhealthy plucking:

1. Feed Them Healthy Diet

Feed your bird nuts, seeds, fruit, and vegetables as a balanced diet. Feed them a high-quality diet to fulfill their nutritional needs.

You should avoid feeding your bird foods that cause allergies and try foods recommended by your avian veterinarian instead.

2. Provide them a comfortable space in the house and Enrichment

You should provide them with enough space in the home for their comfort.

Provide your bird with enough toys to chew on and toys that provide mental stimulation, such as mirrors. Try to keep social birds in pairs or groups to prevent boredom.

Keep the cage away from droughts but ensure there is enough airflow. Clean the cage regularly and wipe up any water spillage from the bowl to prevent mold growth.

3. Always keep the cage clean.

Various bacterial and fungal diseases thrive in damp environments. Keep the cage clean at all times. Remove the fruits and vegetables from their cage after several hours.

It will prevent them from fouling and bacteria in the cage. Don't spray aerosols near the cage, including deodorants or room spray.