Common Goldfish Care Guide in 2022

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Goldfish are the most widely kept pets in the world, but you might be surprised to learn how few people actually know anything about them.

If you want to care for your pet goldfish properly, make sure you have a rough understanding of their environment requirements, and dietary needs. Here are the few key points that you should follow:

1. Where To Keep Your Goldfish

You could keep your goldfish in a glass bowl or even part of an old aquarium, but these are not suitable for long-term care.

Goldfish are very sociable animals who need company and enough space to move around. You will want to get them a tank with enough room to swim around without bumping into the walls.

A tank at least 1-2 feet long is recommended, but you can go all out if you like and get a large aquarium.

Provide Suitable Plants

It is unlikely that goldfish will eat Anubias, Moneyworts, and Java Ferns. It is attracted to plants like Duckweed, and Salvinia. 

The goldfish needs light at least for a few hours every day. The best way to obtain natural lighting is to place your aquarium near the window, but avoid placing it in direct sunlight.

Proper Light


A filtration system collects large particles floating in the water, like waste particles and uneaten food. Still, it also encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria.