Peruvian Guinea Pigs - Let's Know Its Complete Information.

Guinea pigs are pleasant & friendly, and they are very popular all over the United States. Check for more information.

The Peruvian guinea pig has long hair, making it difficult for you to distinguish which side of its head. Due to some demanding grooming requirements, this breed can be difficult to handle.

They must be groomed, bathed, and brushed regularly due to their long hair. It is a big responsibility to own guineas, so they are better suited to experienced guinea owners.

They will chew on their companions' fur whenever they are bored or understimulated, so you should play with them regularly. 

Guinea pigs are generally bred as show animals, so they are beautiful and appealing. Although most guinea pig owners don't think they need regular bathe.

Peruvian Guineas require regular baths to keep their long fur soft and smooth. Some Peruvian Guineas enjoy having their fur gently tugged under their chin.

Peruvian guinea pigs were the first breeds to be selectively bred for their long hair and attractive look. This fur can sometimes be as long as 12-14 inches in show guineas.

Food & Diet: The food you feed your Peruvian guinea will significantly impact its hair and skin health.

The Guinea pig cannot manufacture its own vitamin C, so it is required as part of the diet every day.

Workouts: Regular exercise is important for any breed of guinea pig, and a spacious cage is essential so they can move around freely.