The Best Hay For Guinea Pigs In 2022

Have you ever wondered what type of hay is best to feed your guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are adorable, small animals that make wonderful pets. Hay is the primary food for them. In order to stay healthy, they need hay to eat.

Our goal is for your pet to be happy and healthy just as you do. In this story, you'll learn everything you need to know about guinea pigs' diet so they can live a long and happy life.

Many reliable resources recommend giving your guinea pig timothy hay for them to eat at their convenience, but they don't specify which brand is best. 

In most cases, a hay bag is simply a bag of hay, but there can be quite a bit of difference between brands. Does it really work for your guinea pig, or is it more hype than good?

The following is a list of the 7 best hays for your Guinea Pig, according to the most popular brands on the web:

1. Oxbow Western Timothy Hay – Best Overall 2. Kaytee Timothy Hay Wafer-Cut 3. Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay Small – Best Value 4. Sweet Meadow Farm Timothy Hay

5. Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay 6. BM Hay Company No Mess Timothy Hay 7. Rabbit Hole Hay Second Cut Timothy Hay – Premium Choice

A Guide to choosing the best hay for your Guinea Pigs: Cleanliness and smell are other important factors to consider when choosing hay.

Hay grows in open fields, exposed to dust and other contaminants. Your guinea pig will sneeze if the hay is dusty.

High-Quality Hay Comes With Mixed Colors: Hay that is considered high-quality will have a variety of colors. High-quality hay should be green and golden in color.

It should be yellow or black in color if it has been improperly stored. Additionally, the hay stored in a store for a long time can harm your guinea pig.

Nutritional value for your Guinea Pigs: Hay is one of the main sources of nutrients for little Guinea. These pets are vegetarian, and they don't eat meat.

So, they require a high source of protein for their muscles and growth. Hay should contain at least 10% crude protein as part of its nutritional composition.

Conclusion: Hay is the primary food for your cute guinea pig's diet. When selecting it, make sure it is fresh and offers the proper nutritional value.