What is a Group of Guinea Pigs Called?

Like many other animal groups, the Guinea Pigs group also has a name called ''Herd.''


But many people call them "Muddle." Guinea pigs once lived primarily in the wild, and they would travel in groups named 'herds.'

These cute little groups were usually made up of multiple females, one or two males, and young. Guinea pigs prefer to be in pairs or groups

where they can interact, cuddle, groom, and play with each other. Guinea pigs are friendly in nature and they love to live in groups.

In guinea pigs, Boars refer to males. Boars can often be quite friendly if they have a compatible companion or multiple female guinea pigs.

What Do You Call Male Guinea Pigs?

If you have a boar and a few female guinea pigs, you should separate them until they are ready to breed. Make sure females are not overbred.

What Do You Call Female Guinea Pigs?

The female guinea pigs are known as a ''Sow.'' The life expectancy of unspayed female guinea pigs tends to be shorter compared to that of males.

Because of its constant childbearing. You should spay your guinea pigs or keep them separate from males to make them live longer!

What Do You Call Baby Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are born in the litter. They become active very quickly after birth and can eat adult food within just a few days of birth.

These tiny animals can be quite surprised when they get up and about quickly. But don't worry, it's completely normal.

You might assume that babies are called 'piglets' since guinea pig adults are named after pigs, for example, 'Boar' and 'Sow.' But, it's not true! Baby guinea pigs are known as 'Pups.