Which Guinea Pigs Are More Friendly, Male or Female?


Here you will know everything about the nature of male and female Guinea Pigs.

With over 5 million guinea pigs in people's homes and around 3 million in animal shelters. Guinea pigs are often kept as pets, and they have been domesticated for decades. 

They are popular because they are small, easy to care for, and have low-maintenance companions. These rodents have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years in captivity. 

Recently, guinea pigs have become more popular as pets because of their friendliness towards humans.

Although both species have similar personality traits, males tend to have bold personalities, making them easier to handle. 

A female guinea pig can often be easier to make love with, though they are better suited to companionship.

Their bigger size also means that the guinea pig will live for around 6 years, and while they can get away from danger and peril.

How to take care of your Guinea Pig? The care you provide to your guinea pig will ensure happiness and health. Your guinea pig will live longer if it is happy and satisfied, and 

a satisfied pig will enjoy being handled, doesn't matter either it's a male or female. You should provide a cage with proper space. With more space, 

your little friend will have more space to run around and will be able to use a wider variety of toys.

If you want to give your guinea pigs some privacy, provide them with a bed. You can also include tunnels, logs, chew toys, and tubes in your guinea pig's house, 

How Do You Choose a Friendly Guinea Pig?

While choosing a guinea pig, make sure your guinea pig is healthy as well as friendly and gets along well with people and other pigs. 

It is possible to rehabilitate a guinea pig that is unfriendly or even aggressive,

but it is easier to start with the one that already shows friendly behavior.

Should I Get A Male Guinea Pig Or A Female Guinea Pig?

Usually, male guinea pigs are slightly larger than females. It is possible to keep two males together.

The females are usually timider than the males. Rather than its gender, you should spend more time with your guinea pig and consider its character.

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