Why is My Guinea Pig Scared of Me?


Many people have kept guinea pigs as pets, and they can be found in homes worldwide.

These fuzzy little creatures enjoy cuddles and attention from their human owners, but one thing that might surprise some people is that guinea pigs are scared of humans!

There is an unobstructed wall between the human and animal pens. When a human walks by the guinea pig's cage, the piggie will freeze with its eyes wide open!

Because it doesn't want to come into contact with something unfamiliar-for example, your cold-blooded hands-so it backs away. 

Guinea pigs do not like to be touched by humans when they aren't used to it.  The first time you meet your guinea pig, touch its cage with a soft cloth or your hand and 

allow the piggie to sniff you. This lets the piggie get accustomed to your scent. The next step is to feed it a few treats daily.

If you have one of these little monsters for a pet, remember that guinea pigs are easily frightened by sudden movements, loud noises, and sudden approaches. Be gentle and try not to frighten him!

If you're visiting someone with a guinea pig as a pet, ask if you can handle it. Guinea pigs are timid animals, and they may not get along with everyone.

If you notice that the guinea pig is avoiding you or is constantly biting, try offering treats. Guinea pigs are not aggressive animals, so you can't hurt them if they try to bite you.

However, if a guinea pig does bite your finger, it must be treated with extreme care because of its teeth and claws.

You also need to be careful because the skin on your finger will break down faster than normal after being bitten by your guinea pig.

The following signs will appear if your guinea pig is scared:

1. It is possible to see the white part of a guinea pig's eyes

2. It will try to hide or run away from you.

3. Whenever you try to hold your guinea pig, it squirms.

4. Your guinea pig will make a rumbling noise at you.

5. Your guinea pig will chatter its teeth at you.