Do Hens and Kittens comfort crying children

Do Hens and Kittens comfort crying children?


Do Hens and Kittens comfort crying children? Humans cry in response to sadness and distress, and children are not uncommon in experiencing this emotion. It is our responsibility to support our children in times of difficulty as parents (or guardians). However, have you ever wondered if animals like hens and kittens can also provide comfort to crying children? In this article, we’ll explore the empathetic nature of animals and discuss research on animal comfort towards humans, specifically hens, and kittens.

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The Empathetic Nature of Animals

There is an innate ability that animals have to detect emotions, especially distress signals, and react accordingly. Animals recognize human feelings and sentiments through facial expressions, vocalizations, and gestures. Mirror neurons in their brains help them mimic and imitate emotions they see in others.

The Science of Animal Comfort

Animal comfort professionals study how animals affect our bodies and minds. During social interactions with animals, the brain releases oxytocin (Love Hormone), associated with social bonding. This is why animal-assisted therapy is popular in treating anxiety and stress, especially among children.

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The Comforting Nature of Hens

Hens are social animals that have a strong attachment to their flock and can form bonds with humans. Studies have found that hens can recognize individual humans, and some have even shown empathy towards them. A recent study found that hens approach crying humans and comfort them. In addition to decreasing heart rate and vocalization, the hens reduced stress.

The Comforting Nature of Kittens

Many people keep kittens as pets because of their playful and affectionate nature. Research has found that kittens can also recognize human emotions and respond accordingly. Study results showed kittens were more likely to comfort crying humans than non-crying ones.

Do Hens and Kittens comfort crying children
Do Hens and Kittens comfort crying children?

Moreover, the kittens demonstrated a decrease in heart rate as well as a greater level of purring, which has been proven to possess a calming effect on humans.

The Relationship between Children and Animals

To develop social and emotional skills as well as kindness, children must be exposed to an animal-friendly environment. There is no doubt that pets provide children with an awareness of responsibility and security, and companionship. These skills include reading an animal’s body language and leaving them alone when necessary.


According to research, animals such as hens and kittens can provide comfort and support to crying children. As a result of their empathetic nature and the science of animal comfort, animals make ideal companions for children who suffer from anxiety and stress. Animal-assisted therapy treats children with mental and physical health problems are treated with animal-assisted therapy. Parents and caregivers should nurture and encourage the bond between children and animals.

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