How to get rid of lizards

How to get rid of lizards? 13+ Home Remedies and Hacks

How to get rid of lizards from your home? Here are 13+ Home remedies so that you can maintain a balance between healthy environments without Killing them or Poisoning them.  While Killing lizards or Poisoning with harmful chemicals are not the safest methods, because pesky lizards also have their life value, they also their soul evolving inside their body, it’s a spiritual matter which Indian Sanatan Hindu follows, “Sarbe Loka Sukhin Bhabantu” Means Every creature in this earth Be happy or Lets the entire Worlds be happy.

Actually, they know the value of life every creature on this earth; the secret behind their philosophy kept legitimate logical gestures which may we sometimes forget while hating little creatures due to irritation, but it’s a fact that those little annoying lizards help us to cut down harmful insects population, so it’s best to chase them out from your premiere instead killing them or poisoning with harmful chemicals. 

How to get rid of lizards
How to get rid of lizards

Daily Hacks: Bad lizard infestation at home? How to chase them out in a domestic way, here you will get 13+ tips and tricks home remedies to keep lizards out of your houses. They will step out from your house try these little and easy methods to get rid of lizards.

Natural way to get rid of lizards

Lizards are ubiquitous companions in our houses and outsides, and They can help us control harmful insect populations down and help us balance the environment. The common house lizards are generally known as Geckos, and these reptiles are non-venomous and not harmful to human beings.

But in this case, if the presence of these little Lizards creates various problems, like, food poisoning, leaving black-white stools everywhere with a strong stench, etc. might be irritating if you are afraid of all those, especially the presence of this little creature in your home feels creepy then you must choose the natural way to get rid of lizards. 

How to get rid of lizards in the house? Why we should not use harmful Chemical Poisoning?

Many people get annoyed when they see a lizard in the corner of the house. Sometimes they jump on it again and again. There might have a chance if lizards fall into uncovered exposed foods or if they lick it, food poisoning can make our body seriously ill. So the sooner the lizard can be chased away from the, it is better for us. But how to drive them out?

Insect-spider-lizard is removed by pest control,  But it also has a lot of risks. You have to take out all the things in the house, take out the pest control and stay out of the house for about a day. Then it is guaranteed for 4-5 months. However, it has to be done again and again. You can spray chemical pesticides. However, they are harmful to health, especially if there are children at home. 

Get rid of lizards -13+ home remedies You should know

Instead of using lizard repellents that have harmful chemicals, you should not choose. 

So it is most convenient to chase the lizard domestically; here are 13+ home remedies that will make your home creep-free; let’s Find out what to do to get rid of lizards from your house. Let’s jump into the tricks now. 
14. Dispose of Open or Leftover Food: Sometimes, open leftover foods are the favorite of lizards; they eat and breed quickly if you have lots of uncovered or leftover foods available in your kitchen or outside your home.  They get healthy nutrients from those leftovers and increase their family. 

So the best option is never to leave leftover foods uncovered; dispose of them immediately. Sometimes, leftover foods attract ants and flies, and they become the favorite spots for lizards to catch ants, flies, and mosquitoes. Lizards love to eat insects, which directly or indirectly attracted them to that food leftovers spots.  So make sure to dispose of food leftovers immediately and properly.

13. Cold Water: Just like reptiles, Lizards are very sensitive to temperature. They become numb and senseless if they are suddenly exposed to cold temperature, fluctuation of temperatures they would stand in front of it.  

Now the trick is whenever you see lizards roaming around your walls, just through an ice-cold water splash targeting its body, it will be immobile immediately, or they will leave the room themselves. 

12. Naphthalene balls: Naphthalene balls are beneficial; instead of clothes keeping safe from pests, their strong aroma has the power to drive away lizards from a safe distance. Not only Lizards, but many other kinds of bugs and pets also avoid its strong aroma. 

But while placing these Naphtha Balls, you must take precautions; you should not put them near the fire, nor an open place where children could reach and sometimes accidentally swallow them.  Its strong aroma attracts human beings and children but leaves lizards out of your home.

11. Electric Repellent ( UltraSound Repellent): Nowadays, advanced technologies help us everywhere. Modern electronic equipment like ultrasound repellent can help to keep lizards free at home. Electric lizard repellents are available in shops; these gadgets are made so that they can emit ultrasounds frequencies that are not audible to human beings but very much disturbance for lizards, rats, etc. 

These highly ultrasonic frequencies create intolerable pain for lizards, and they will not roam around the range of this device. To get rid of lizards, you can download ultrasonic sound emitters apps from the Google Play store for your android mobile for free of cost. 

10. Clean Home Regular Basis:  Cleaning your Home regular basis will keep the insects and ants free from your house, and they will not be able to spread their numbers, and you know lizards love ants and insects.  Directly or indirectly, insects attract lizards because lizards love to catch them and eat them. 

9. Coffee Powder:   Coffee powder has a strong aroma and anti lizards property. Lizards don’t love it. The coffee powder can be used as a lizard’s repellent. Just use some coffee powder and spread them around where lizards are often seen in your house. They will not come close to this powder and will maintain a safe distance out from the house.

Another way you can use it, but it’s not recommended, is to make a small ball using coffee powder and tobacco powder, stick the head of toothpicks and matches sticks, and leave them around when they are often hidden.  They will come out and swallow that small ball and will die. But it’s not recommended; sometimes it might be challenging to find out rotten dead lizard’s body, and it will create another mess of pungent rotten smells. 

8. LimeStone Ball:  Collect some limestone and add some water and create a paste. Like before, attach this limestone paste on the head of toothpicks or coconut leaves sticks and place it near lizards-infested areas. They will swallow them and leave the room due to burning sensations and unbearable pain, causing them to leave. 

7. Tabasco Sauce Spray:  Mix Tobacco sauce with water and pure into a spray bottle.  Now you need to spray that liquid mixture near infested areas, corners of rooms,  behind cupboards, shelves, wardrobes, etc., and wait for the result.  This mixture works as lizard’s repellents magically and keeps your home lizard free effectively.

6. Cat Kills Lizards:  Cat catches rats and nabs a few lizards whenever they are in range. 
So if you have a pet cat, it will help you make your home lizard-free by nabbing them.  

5. Peacock Feathers:  Another simple, effective, and funny way to keep lizards free at your home is to Place Colorful Peacock Feathers.  If you love to decorate your home, bring some colorful Peacock Feathers and place them around the wall, corner, and lizard infestation areas. And see the magic.

Actually, what happens when you place Bird’s feathers or Peacock Feathers?

Birds are natural predators of lizards, and they kill and eat them. While placing Birds feather, Lizards may get out scared from the range of Birds feathers immediately spotting it.
2nd thing Lizards fear and are scared of colorful peacock feathers and leave the place immediately. 

4. Garlic:  You can put small slices of garlic in the corner of the room, on the ventilator, in the cupboard, or were more lizards are roaming around. The pungent smell of garlic doesn’t like lizards; despite that,  the rest of the insects, spiders, and mosquitoes will also vanish along with lizards. 

Another way you can use it as a spray is instead of hanging a clove of garlic, you can make it juice, adding some water and spray that mixture around your house, and see the magic. 

3. Onion: Like Garlic, Onion also give superb result, it has a strong sulfur pungent smell which is very irritating for pets and lizards. Just hang them or place a few slices around your home where lizards are present.  The lizards can’t bear the strong smell coming from opinion and will leave the place immediately.

Like garlic juice, you can use onion juice spray around your hose to keep lizards free, which is also very effective.

2. Egg Shells: Eggshells also work well to repel lizards. Lizards do not tolerate the smell of eggs. So escape in a short time. 

Place empty eggshells near the area where lizards infestations are seen; lizards will not come near their range due to their strong eggy aroma.  

1. Pepper Spray: You can mix black pepper with water and spray it in the corner of the house. Or where the lizard infestation is high. The smell of pepper makes the lizard’s brain numb. So they will not come close to this smell. 

Black pepper Spray creates a severe burning sensation on lizard’s skins, making them away from your home.   

how to get rid of lizards
get rid of lizards
how to get rid of lizards in the house
natural way to get rid of lizards

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