9 Reasons To Keep Guinea Pigs As A Pet

What Are The 9 Reasons To keep Guinea Pigs As A Pet? [2022]

Guinea pigs make excellent first pets. They are given their low maintenance, hardy nature, strong bonding ability, and generally long lifespans. Guinea pigs make excellent pets for families that want a loving and rewarding pet but cannot provide the level of care a cat or dog requires. There is no need to walk a guinea pig!

Reasons To Keep Guinea Pigs As A Pet

Reasons To Keep Guinea Pigs As A Pet

Are you considering getting a pet but don’t want to take care of a dog or a cat? Would a guinea pig be a good option? South American rodents with short, rough-haired tails are known as Guinea pigs. Guinea pigs have always been one of the most popular exotic pets to recommend for first-time pet owners. What makes them such popular pets? Here are 9 reasons why they make excellent pets:

1. Guinea pigs are hardy animals. It is generally believed that guinea pigs are very healthy if treated and fed correctly. However, they are susceptible to particular diseases, just like other pets. In their case, dental disease and bladder stones may be a concern, but these conditions can be prevented to some extent with proper nutrition and regular medical exams.

Furthermore, because guinea pigs originate from cool climates, they don’t like hot, humid weather. You can keep them inside to prevent them from overheating and dehydrating.

2. You can easily take care of Guinea pigs. They require fresh water, hay, vegetables, and a small amount of pelleted food formulated for guinea pigs, along with a daily vitamin C supplement. In addition, they require paper-based bedding and a relatively large cage.

You need to spot-clean the cage daily and thoroughly clean it every week. Give them some attention every day, and they’ll be fine. Remember, unless you want additional guinea pigs, you will need to separate the males and females at least a month before they are born.

3. Guinea pigs make great pets for children. Unlike rabbits and hamsters, guinea pigs are not fragile and are generally less skittish than smaller rodents like gerbils and hamsters. In addition, younger children should always be supervised when around guinea pigs.

9 Reasons To Keep Guinea Pigs As A Pet

9 Reasons To Keep Guinea Pigs As A Pet

4. Guinea pigs live for many years. Hamsters, gerbils, and rats live an average of two to three years, whereas guinea pigs live five to seven years and even live into their teens. Families should consider this longer lifespan if they consider adopting a guinea pig, as you will need to be prepared to care for it long after your children have grown up and moved out.

5. Guinea pigs have unique personalities. Most people do not realize that guinea pigs can have quite a bit of personality. It is not uncommon for guinea pigs to be shy or dominant based on their nature. There is no guarantee that two guinea pigs will act the same just because they look the same.

Make sure you interact with the guinea pig before selecting it to meet your expectations. If you’re looking for a cuddly little pet, you should choose an outgoing, friendly pig.

6. Guinea pigs purr! The guinea pig also makes a quiet yet audible vibrating sound when it is happy, frequently when it is gently petted. Most people who don’t own guinea pigs are unaware of this sweet sound. In addition to purring, guinea pigs make various other sounds, such as squealing, rumbling, and teeth chattering.

7. Guinea pigs love popping. Popcorning is a unique behavior exhibited more commonly by young guinea pigs when happy or excited: They jump up straight into the air repeatedly. Guinea pigs run quickly forward and backward, while others kick alternately with their front and back legs. Some pigs squeal simultaneously as well. The popcorning behavior of guinea pigs is fascinating to watch.

8. Guinea pigs are colorful animals. Guinea pigs come in various breeds with the fur of all lengths, patterns, and colors, whether short-haired, long-haired, or hairless. According to the American Cavy Breeders Association, there are 13 breeds and 10 primary colors of guinea pigs.

9. They are friendly with humans. The most common misconception about guinea pigs is that they recognize and respond to their owners. Their owners squeal with delight when they see them or try to climb up the cage walls to greet them. They are as friendly and interactive as cats and dogs.

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