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9 Reasons Why You Should adopt a Black cat

Black cats are considered unlucky because of superstitions related to their color. Learn the advantages of adopting one! Keep reading The black cat is one of the most precious animals on earth; we need to protect it. As human beings, we should accept them rather than hate them. The ecosystems we live in are intertwined and interdependent.   

 Studies confirm that black cats are the least likely to be adopted in shelters and protectors solely because of their fur color, which is associated with a multitude of beliefs and ancient superstitions relating to witchcraft and bad luck.  

Black Cat Adopt
Black Cat Adopt

However, they are one more feline that is not to blame for popular beliefs but does suffer from them. In addition, they are magnificent creatures, and we only have to detach ourselves from our prejudices and superstitions to realize them, to realize their values, and contribute to our environment.

We tell you  7 reasons to adopt a black cat. And if you just did it, but you don’t know what to name it, don’t miss the 100 most beautiful and successful names for cats!

1. Because they deserve equal rights to live on this planet.

Black cats are excellent companions and beautiful creatures of God. Black cats are like a simple cats, exactly the same as white, gray, or multi-colored ones. However, they are the last to be adopted most of the time, seeing their life limited to living in a cubicle with scarce resources or prowling the street struggling to find something to eat and being cold in winter.

Like any other animal that lacks all its basic needs, they deserve a chance and have equal right to live on this planet, our mother Earth. Black Cat also has the right to spend their time, enjoy their life and realize the beautifulness of the supreme god. 

Black Cat
Black Cat

2. Camouflage Helps them to More chance of Survive. 

Black color is less visible at night, and what if your cat is Black?  Yes, Black Cat is less seen on nights, so they have a better survival chance due to their ability to camouflage at night. It helps them to avoid predators and makes their survival chance more than any other color.  

Statics says that Black Cat is the original and more disease-resistant than other GMO cats. 

Black Cat Pet
Black Cat Pet

3. They are exotic and elegant

Suppose we put aside our prejudices and superstitions regarding black cats and analyze them from a rational point of view. In that case, we cannot deny that the black cat is a tremendously beautiful animal. 

You might be shocked that black cats are the original cats, but the other cats are GMO to add different colors to them. 

Black Cat
Black Cat

Black cats are more exotic and graceful, like miniature black panthers. In addition, his black hair is usually very bright and makes the color of his eyes stand out even more clearly. Just remove the mask from your mind, and see the cuteness of this beautiful creature that we regularly neglect. 

4. Because it is not their fault that things go wrong for you

Analyze your behavior and how you react to the situations and activities that you develop, and you will see how you can improve on many issues. Black cats are beautiful and elegant animals, and their fur usually shines a lot.

Do not get carried away by beliefs and superstitions that marginalize a beautiful and intelligent animal like the black cat.

Black Cat
Black Cat

5. Sacred animals in ancient Egypt

You still don’t trust entirely because superstition is deeply rooted in you.  We remind you that black cats were sacred animals in Ancient Egypt!

Black cats were worshiped by people and were associated with the worship of deities. When a black cat died, family members went into mourning as a sign of mourning the loss of their feline companion. Black cats are excellent companions and beautiful creatures of God. 

Black Cat
Black Cat

6. They are less likely to be adopted. 

This is sad, but equality is true. The Statistics told a lot. Why you should adopt a black cat because their population decreased dramatically. In the 13th, they become less and less due to superstition. People are more likely to adopt tabby cats but, we must think about Black cats too…

7. Black Cat Eyes are Shiny and Glows like Bulb. 

Due to their higher melanin content, their fur becomes so dark and shiny, just like Human Black hair. It easily attracts our attention to their eyes. 

8. They may Bring Good luck

As people said, the Black cat brings terrible luck due to superstitions, But it has an equal chance of bringing God Luck For you Too.  In a few countries like Japan, Britain, and Scotland,  seeing a black cat is a good sign that you’ve got fortune and prosperity heading your way.

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9. You can help to wipe out the black Cat Stigma. 

You can help to preserve endangered animals to save their unique identity. You can help them adopt; the more people assume they love black cats, it will help to eliminate the Black Cat Stigma from our Social. 

10. Look at their personality above the color

It is said Don’t judge a book by its cover, Same here, Don’t judge a Black Cat, by its color. Color is nothing but the visible part of their body, but they have the same cuteness compared to other cats.

Black Cat
Black Cat

It’s a fact that the cat’s personality is differentiated by different factors, some specific to their breed. 

Persian, Ragdoll, or Carthusian cats are more meek than European cats, their own way of being, and their experiences in the case of stray cats

However, in no way does the color of the coat stand out as a significant element of the character of an animal, in the same way, that it is not so with people. So we should avoid judging a Black Cat just by its color; we must think about its preservation.  The coat does not influence the personality or sociability of our pet.

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