How Long Are Cats Pregnant

How Long Are Cats Pregnant? Here Is The Complete Guide [2022]

How Long Are Cats Pregnant? The cat breeds prolifically. Every two to three weeks, cats go into heat for approximately six days until they become pregnant. According to a study by the American Veterinary Medical Association, free-roaming cats get pregnant one and half (approx.) times a year and give birth to three kittens in a litter. Keeping cats indoors and spaying them minimizes their reproductive capacity.

Although cat pregnancies are uncommon, they do happen and often surprise their owners. It is strongly recommended that you spay your kittens if you don’t intend to breed them. To keep your cat intact, you should always keep her inside. Whenever you take your cat for a walk, make sure that you keep her on a leash and that she remains within your sight.

Even if you don’t let your cat outside, she may become pregnant if the neighbor cat decides to visit her. Therefore, cat owners must become knowledgeable about gestational signs to know whether a cat is just overweight or if kittens are growing inside.

If you ever find out your cat is pregnant for the first time, you will have many questions on your mind. How long are cats pregnant? When will the big day arrive? Also, how should a pregnant cat be treated?

You don’t need to overthink if you are worried about all these questions. Continue reading as we will discuss all the gestation periods for cats.

Gestation Period for Cats

The cat gestation period is more than a formal description of the cat pregnancy period. Cats go through a stressful and sensitive time during the gestation period.

Gestation Period for Cats
Gestation Period for Cats

Therefore, it is our responsibility as responsible cat owners to be knowledgeable about the week-by-week cat pregnancy timeline so we can provide our cats with the best care possible throughout their pregnancy.

How Long Are Cats Pregnant? Know About The Gestation Period for Cats.

The human pregnancy lasts nine months, but our cats’ pregnancy lasts just nine weeks. It is usual for cat pregnancy to last between 60 to 70 days, according to some sources. In some cases, due to stress and health issues, a cat may go into labor too early, before 60 days, giving birth to premature kittens. The survival rates of kittens born before 56 days of pregnancy are inferior even with special care.

How Long Are Cats Pregnant

How Long Are Cats Pregnant?

Since cats don’t begin showing signs of pregnancy until two or three weeks after conception, it is challenging to determine the exact length of the cat’s pregnancy.

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Is Your Cat Pregnant? How to Know If Your Cat Is Pregnant.

To start the countdown to the big day, you will first need to confirm that your cat is pregnant. Beginner cat owners may be unable to identify pregnancy signs until the second half of week 3, when the cat’s nipples start pinking. There are several signs of pregnancy in a cat that you can use to determine whether it is pregnant.

We have outlined what happens during each week of your cat’s pregnancy in our Week-by-Week Cat Pregnancy Timeline so that you can find out how far along your cat is.

These signs will give you an idea of whether your cat is pregnant, but the most reliable way to confirm it is to take it to the veterinarian. To confirm pregnancy, the vet will do the following tests depending on how far along your cat is in her pregnancy.

Feeling Cat Belly

It’s not always accurate and can only be done with some success when the cat is between 17 and 25 days pregnant.

Ultrasound Test: 

The procedure is performed after 16 days of pregnancy. The number of kittens can’t be accurately determined by looking at heartbeats unless this confirms pregnancy.

X-ray Test

X-rays can confirm pregnancy and the number of kittens. However, they are only recommended after 55 days of pregnancy because of their side effects.

How Old Can a Cat Get Pregnant?

Kittens can have kittens.

At the age of four months, cats can reach maturity. If your kitten is not spayed, the cat may become pregnant if it mates with a cat. Since the cat pregnancy period is about two months, kittens can give birth to a litter of kittens at the age of 6 months.

Does young age pregnancy pose a problem for your cat?

Cats and dogs should avoid pregnancy at a young age, just like humans. An early pregnancy would be detrimental to the kitten, as she is still maturing. In most cases, cats continue growing until their first birthday, so asking the developing kitten’s body to carry an entire litter of kittens inside her is inappropriate.

Therefore, a premature pregnancy would negatively affect the health of the mama kitten and the newborn kittens.

Can a cat become pregnant shortly after having kittens?

A cat can become pregnant very quickly after having a litter of kittens. It is even possible for cats to become pregnant while nursing. In the breeding season, most cats become fertile and go into heat around four weeks after weaning their kittens.

However, cats can return to estrus while nursing, according to Susan E. Little. Despite this, the first post-birth estrus is shorter and less fertile. The female cat has induced ovulation.

Thus, if your cat doesn’t mate during the estrus, it will cease until it returns in two to three weeks. However, if your Queen manages to mate, she can become pregnant during the first heat cycle after birth.

Ovulation takes place between 25 and 50 hours after mating. The uterine horn transports the fertilized eggs into the uterus after fertilizing them in the oviduct. Implantation of eggs occurs in the uterus within 10 to 12 days.

You can expect your cat to have another litter of kittens within nine weeks. You will have another set of kittens in 2 months while housing and caring for the kittens you already have.

It seems like a lot of kittens and may be time-consuming. Unplanned pregnancies often result in kittens living on the streets or in animal shelters. So if you don’t want your cat to get pregnant again, get her spayed as soon as possible or keep her indoors, especially when she is on heat.

You should also spay and neuter the young kittens before they reach the age of four months, as well as your Queen. As a result, you may have male kittens in the litter impregnating the females or even the Queen.

Ideally, it would help if you avoided this. Your kitten should be spayed or neutered before it reaches breeding maturity, usually between four and six months of age.

What is the maximum number of kittens a cat can have?

Cats usually have four kittens in a litter, but the number of kittens can vary from one to twelve, says Dr. Hassan, DVM. First-time mothers typically have fewer kittens, around two to three.

Pedigree cats like Burmese, Siamese, Chausie, British Shorthair, etc., usually have larger litters. It will be an honor to receive the World Record for the most significant litter of domestic cats when a Burmese/Siamese cat delivers 19 kittens on 7 August 1970.

Conclusion: How Long Are Cats Pregnant?

Ideally, cat pregnancy should last about nine weeks (60 to 65 days), but it is okay if it ranges from 60 to 70 days. You must consult your veterinarian if your cat has been pregnant for more than 70 days. Similarly, if your cat goes into labor before the 60 days, you should also get your cat to a vet.

Kittens can become pregnant by four months, so expect your kitten to have kittens by six months unless you spay her.

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