Havana Brown Cat

What Are the Reasons for the Rareness of Brown Cats?

Why are Brown cats rare?  If you heard this question the first time then we are sure, you are not the only person in this world, there are lots of people who have not heard it before and have no answer to this particular question. Sound like crazy right? No way it’s true.

The brown cat is rarer than the rest of the black and white or yellow cats out there, but why is that? They are not considered a very desirable color by cat breeders, but this is just one. There is also a possibility that people like litter with a wide variety of colors. It’s important to figure out why these brown-haired cats become scarcer than their close friends. It’s important to figure out why these brown-haired cats become scarcer than their close friends.

Havana Brown Cat
Havana Brown Cat

It is still possible to find brown cats around the world, even though they are less common. How do they differ from other colors? There are many different shades of brown hair, ranging from dark red to light red, tan to dark brown or black.  Additionally, there are different shades of white and black.

Genetics play a crucial role in the appearance of this particular color.  It is more difficult to distinguish cats with brown fur from their darker counterparts because they are dominant. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions and they can also be seen as cute kittens! 

It is important to remember that these types of kitties aren’t really any different from any of the other “fancy” breeds out there. There are similarities in their personalities, likes, dislikes, and potential to become outstanding felines. The only difference is that they come in different colors!  This does not mean you should ignore them. 

Cats come in a wide variety of colors and shades worldwide; some are more common than others, while there are also rare types. Chocolate is a good example of this.

There is something beautiful and unusual about these cats, and I wonder why there are so few of them. Why are there so few of them?  

Where are brown cats so Rare? Black pigment is reduced in brown cats due to a brown gene variant. The brown tabby cat is fairly common, but chocolate and cinnamon cats are rarer. Havana Browns are one of the few breeds that have a “true chocolate” coat. 

Which breeds are available in cinnamon and chocolate shades of brown? Is there a brown breed that comes in chocolate and cinnamon tones? To know such interesting things you just need to read this article, we have brought lots of information for you.

Which Factor Determines a Cat’s Coat Color?

 Before delving deeper into why brown cats are harder to find, let’s take a moment to think about what factors influence a cat’s fur color in the first place. A cat’s coat color is determined by melanin, a pigment found in human skin. Pheomelanin produces red and yellow hues in addition to eumelanin, which is responsible for giving fur its brown and black hues.

They usually have coats that are black, medium brown, or dark brown, with high levels of eumelanin or pheomelanin. Cats with recessive genes can also have different combinations of these two structural components, eumelanin, Tyrosine, and pheomelanin.

Does the Gene factor determine Cat Coat Color?

 A cat’s coat color is determined by several factors. Cats have a gene known as “B” that contributes to this characteristic. It determines whether a cat will be black, brown, or orange (or some combination). A number of other genes contribute to the color (called “alleles”), but they interact with B and can be influenced by it.

Let’s focus on the most important distinction between these colors: black versus brown. In a cat’s DNA, there are two copies of the B gene – one from each parent. There are many differences between these genes.

Due to the way the gene is controlled by promoters and enhancers, the black allele in cats has several mutations and point mutations that result in very different coat colors.

Cats with the B gene will always be black (unless they are female). There is only one mutation that can cause the brown allele to turn orange instead of black.

On the other hand, the coat color of dogs is normally determined by a gene called “K”. Dog coat colors are determined by many different K genes, including cream, red, brown, black, and others. Therefore, in this discussion, we explore a little bit about genes and alleles which are the main causes of the color of the cat or dog in its natural condition. 


In brown cats, eumelanin is prevalent, and their coat color is determined by the B/b/b gene (B/b/b1). In contrast to B codes, which are responsible for the color black, b and b1 codes are recessive codes, and brown variants with reduced eumelanin cause cats to appear brown.

In the beginning, the gene responsible for the production of black pigment exhibited a mutation that caused brown coat colors in different mammals.

In a study conducted at the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, two mutations in this gene caused cats to have brown coat colors. As well as brown being a mutation, if we take a closer look at how this recessive gene works, we can see why brown cats are so rare.  We can take a few examples like Chocolate colored cats, Cinnamon Cats, Mixed with chocolate Brown, etc. 

So, let’s examine each brown gene variant in more detail, We promise you, you will get amazing knowledge today. 

So when we think about Brown color, The first color that comes to our mind is Chocolate. Yes  As we researched more and more we found interesting information regarding this color combined cats. Here are our special reports….

No 1. Why Chocolate Cats are there? Check Gene factors

Chocolate brown is one of two brown gene variants, and it falls under the B code. Because black cats have the genotype B/B, they cannot display brown coloration or can’t produce brown offspring, whereas cats with B/b genotypes are specifically carriers of the brown chocolate color.

Please keep in mind here gene represents B as the back dominant gene and b is the recessive brown gene. 

Now the question arises How did the cat become Chocolate Brown? 

If two cats with a B/b genotype mate, then 25% of their kittens will be chocolate-colored if they have the chocolate variant. There is an extremely small number of Brown cats, which means that they must be themselves chocolate cats in order to have all brown offspring. 

One more reason for your cat’s chocolate color is Tyrosine deficiency. This means your kitty isn’t producing enough melanin. Consult your veterinarian if you are concerned that your cat has Tyrosine deficiency.

 Now We will discuss another rarest Color variant of cat which is Cinnamon Cats. Cinnamon Cats are more light brown cats, Popularly known as Cinnamon Cats. 

No 2. Which Cat is Called Cinnamon Cats? Check its Gene factors.

When you think of brown cats, I’m sure you think of chocolate brown, which we already discussed, but what about Cinnamon Cats?

Yes, there also present  Cinnamon Cats. Most Commonly light brown coats, or cinnamon coats, are the second gene variant. Cinnamon-colored cats with the b1/b1 genotype are more likely to transmit this shade of brown. The  b1/b1 g genotype variant cats generally blossom their fur with light brown color and from here it’s known as Cinnamon Cats. 

Let, for example, if two cats have the B/B1 genotype, chocolate, and cinnamon, then 50% of their kittens will most likely inherit the cinnamon coloration, and if two such cats mate, 25% of the kittens will inherit the cinnamon coloration.

No 3. A Diluted Shade Of Brown And Chocolate

The light caramel color, also known as Fawn, is among the rarest colors you can find in purebred cats. In addition to being a diluted form of the cinnamon color, this color is also caused by a gene called dense pigment gene (D/d). This gene causes a cat’s fur to appear lighter and paler when he or she has the gene.

This gene (d) is also recessive, meaning both parents must have this gene (d/d) in order for a fawn-colored cat to be brown. Perhaps now you’re wondering if there exists a coat color that is a diluted version of the rich chocolate shade (d/d) and while it’s also rear, it does exist. The color is mainly known as lavender or lilac, and it is also primarily found in purebred cats.

Can Black Cats Turn Brown…Or Reddish Brown?

The fur of solid black bats can appear brownish, especially in the sun, making them often mistaken for brown cats. The brownish discoloration of black cats’ fur is usually caused by exposure to the sun, which is especially noticeable for long-haired breeds like the Persian.

The black cat in my house also turns brown in the summer, only to shed every rusty spot as the weather turns cold. This is as normal as our hair getting lighter in the summer, but it’s important not to let our cats, especially the dark ones, out when it’s extremely hot

Cats are mostly covered in fur, but they have exposed areas like their ears and nose, and they are likely to get sunburned or suffer a heat stroke.

What Cat Breeds Come In Brown Naturally? Give some Example

In addition to the traditional shades of black, chocolate, cinnamon, and their lighter variants are also available. Despite the fact that breeds such as the British shorthair, Persians, and Devon rex have a variety of coat colors, brown has always been a part of certain cats, which makes them so unique and special.

Here are a few rare cat breeds, that we found to have natural glowing Brown color standing out with pride. Let’s have a look. 

No 1. Havana Brown Cat

In addition to being a rare breed, the Havan Brown Cat is estimated to be one of the rarest in the world, there are only about 1,000 Havan Brown cats in the world. It’s so rare that many of us may hear this gorgeous cat name.  

But where did these cats come from? This dog breed is a mix of a Siamese with chocolate brown faces, a black domestic shorthair, and a Russian blue. They were created in the early 20th century.

The whiskers and noses of these cats are also brown, in addition to their chestnut color! According to the CFA, “its distinctive muzzle shape, coat color, large forward-tilted ears, and striking green eyes set the Havana Brown apart from other breeds.”

No 2. Brown Tabby Cat

Although tabby cats don’t have a solid brown color, there are four distinct patterns, one of which combines brown and black stripes. Here in Greece where I live, I always see a classic brown tabby wandering along the streets.

What makes them stand out to me is the contrast between the honey brown and the dark stripes!

No 3. Burmese Cat

The solid brown coat of this beautiful cat was isolated through selective breeding in the 1930s in America. The cat fanciers association recognizes four distinct colors of Burmese cats: rich dark brown, warm beige, pale gray, and medium gray with fawn undertones.

My preference for Burmese Cats is their golden eyes regardless of their color! The golden eyes of the Burmese Cat make it my favorite, regardless of its shade.

No 4. York Chocolate

Your Chocolate is a brown cat, as you can probably guess, but it differs from the Havana Brown in that it is slightly darker and has a semi-longhaired coat. Several cat associations haven’t decided to register this breed since it is a new breed that appeared in the 1980s.

There’s something very interesting about the York Chocolate, which can have a coat of chocolate brown, or a bicolor coat of chocolate and white, or a bicolor coat of chocolate and lilac. As the cat matures, the coat usually gets darker.

No 5. British Oriental shorthair cat.

There are over 600 colors, patterns, and coat length combinations of this breed according to the CFA. I mean they aren’t lying since there are over 600 colors, patterns, and coat length combinations of this breed!

Oriental Shorthairs come in a variety of colors, so you can imagine they come in brown chocolate, cinnamon, fawn, or Levander, among others. And this chocolate beauty is no exception!


Brown cat is very rare. It’s said that you can get lots of cats but a Brown one should never be found. 

Even though brown cats are not easy to find and they are definitely rarest of rare,  We are sure their owners love them not because of their rarity or the color of their coats, but because of their personality and inner beauty that is hidden in their heart. The cuteness and gorgeous make them special for you.

No matter if they are chocolate or not, I think every cat is sweet!  Does your opinion differ? Have you ever considered adopting a cinnamon beauty cat? Do you know that brown cats are rear? So if you are not aware of all those things, after reading this article you must bring one to your home.

One voiceless creature will get shelter and a home that will care for your children, and protect you from any natural disaster. Because Dogs, Cats like animals can sense any natural disaster before human beings. Their sixth sense is stronger than humans. 

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